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Michael Burr

August 7th 2015

An Up And Down Year- But Not For The Dollar

As of this writing, the Dow is essentially flat for the year. The S&P 500 is up several percent. The Nasdaq is up about twice that. Healthcare stocks are leading the way, up around 15%. Developed foreign stocks are up less than 10%. Emerging markets are down about 10%. Long-term treasury yields are up a little. Treasury and corporate bonds are mostly down a little. (Which has impacted industries that use a lot of debt, such as real estate and utilities.) Oil is down. Gold is down. Copper is down. And the dollar is up almost 10%.

From an investment point of view, the move in the dollar is the most interesting—and concerning. The stock market bounces around quite a bit. Individual stocks bounce even more. The dollar, however, is the world’s reserve currency, and the world’s currency market is far larger than the world’s stock market. The capitalization of all of the world’s stock markets ...

Chris Burr

July 10th 2015

Getting Your Beneficiary Designation “Ducks” in a Row

Steady Returns’ Beneficiary Awareness Month is now in full swing. Our goal is to focus on helping our clients make informed Beneficiary Designation decisions according to your wishes, while simplifying the transition for your heirs. We believe the concepts below will help further your understanding of the issues. Let’s face it, estate planning, asset protection, and beneficiary designations are not the most popular topics to discuss with family & friends. There are so many defined terms–and simply saying them can give you a headache!

So without further adieu, the five important terms we want to help you understand that could save your heirs a lot of frustration are…

  1. Per Stirpes
  2. Payable on Death (P.O.D.)
  3. Transfer on Death (T.O.D.)
  4. Probate
  5. Trusts
  1. Per Stirpes

(purr stir-peas) adj. Latin for “by roots,” by representation.

This term is commonly used in wills and t...

Michael Burr

July 1st 2015

World Beneficiary Awareness Month

July 2015 is Steady Returns’ first annual Beneficiary Awareness Month!

We All Have Busy Lives. Most of us have experienced the heartbreak of losing family members and close friends. At Steady Returns, we believe in proactive planning to ensure that your loved ones are not left with confusion over your estate, and that your money ends up exactly where you want it to go. We also recognize that this kind of planning ends up on the back burner all too often, lost in the shuffle of our everyday family and work lives. We pledge to make this essential part of your planning process as simple as possible, so that you can take comfort in knowing you have done everything you can for your loved ones.

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way. From our experience, we have seen families and relationships irreparably harmed by the lack of a clear succession plan for one’s heirs, as well as unnecessary stress...