Steady Returns

Planning for retirement can be a daunting task. We’re here to make it easier.

We'll help guide you every step of the way.

For far too long, financial companies have treated their clients like numbers instead of people. Many charge high fees, speak with difficult to understand financial jargon, or have a hidden agenda to meet their own goals. Rather than push our firm’s goals on you, we focus on creating a customized plan that works to get you from where you are to where you want to be. We care for you like family.

Our Team

(Pictured from left to right) Chris Burr, Katherine Ferriott, and Michael Burr

Chris Burr

Director of Client Services

Chris is our Director of Client Service and a founder of Steady Returns. Many years in financial services have helped him see that most people need more than sound financial advice. They need to be heard, and they need to feel cared for. They need someone in their corner. That’s Chris.

Chris takes tremendous pride in treating every one of our clients as if they were family. This is especially important since much of our clientele is approaching or in retirement, often a time when numerous issues suddenly require timely attention. Chris has an MBA from the University of Florida, and he is Series 7 and Series 66 licensed. He’s also a "Retirement Income Certified Professional (“RICP”)".

Katherine Ferriott

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Katherine relies on her extensive experience in developing and executing systems. Where chaos exists, she sees how to create order and then does so. She mastered this skill early on in her career as a customer service representative, which required her to maintain relationships with over seven hundred corporate clients.

She then extended this expertise to sales, where she was highly successful in selling to both businesses and consumers. Her current mission is to create and maintain seamless operations for Steady Returns. This allows our advisors to continue to do what they most enjoy: spending time with our clients. When she isn’t working to keep us organized, Katherine is managing the life of her highly energetic young daughter.

Michael Burr


Michael is our CEO and a founder of Steady Returns. In addition to setting and advancing our company’s vision and strategy, he continues to focus on his true calling: investing. He’s been the impetus behind our value and income-based approach to portfolio management that he feels is well-suited for most investors—and for retirees especially.

An avid reader of history, he knows the tendency of markets to rise and fall to extremes. One of his most important responsibilities in directing the investing process for Steady Returns is simply recognizing how detrimental portfolio declines can be (especially for those in retirement) and protecting against them. As such, Michael maintains a steady focus on the macro environment and the markets, always looking for both risks and opportunities. Michael works closely with all members of the Steady Returns team. He has degrees in mathematics and tax accounting, and he is Series 7 and Series 66 licensed. In his spare time, he enjoys reading everything from annual reports to business books to literary fiction.

Our Story

The "Burr Brothers" (as Mike and Chris are affectionately known to their friends and clients) have been business partners for ten years. They formed Steady Returns in 2013, and in doing so fufilled a lifelong dream of leading a company that dared to put its clients at the top.